3 Simple Mobile Games That You Can Download To Battle Boredom

3 Simple Mobile Games That You Can Download To Battle Boredom

Oh, the horrors of boredom!

Everyone on earth has felt bored at least once in their lives. Even with the sheer amount of entertainment options we’re exposed to on a day-to-day basis, from television to laptops to the dazzling array of content on the Internet, there are times when things just ring hollow and the tedium of our everyday just seeps into our bones. On those days, it seems nothing can free us from the oppressive chains of our own boredom – but what if there was something out there that can?

These days, mobile games have become man’s refuge in our war against monotony. While some mobile games are very complex and reserved only for true gamers (e.g. the ever popular Mobile Legends), there are some mobile games which are specifically made to be simplistic; to have repetitive, easy-to-understand controls, meant to wile away hours more than to keep people playing. What’s more, a lot of these great simple games are completely free to download and play from the appstore – all you really need is a good Time fibre Malaysia and you can download and play these games for yourself!

So for those just drowning in boredom everyday and are desperate for some respite, here are 3 simple mobile games that you can download to battle boredom!

1. Neko Atsume

Neko Atsume is a popular Japanese ‘cat collector’ game that made it’s rounds on the Internet a few years back for being just so darn cute! Rendered in adorable, simplistic, and almost MS-paint esque graphics (and we mean that in the best way), Neko Atsume has a very simple and very wholesome premise – you’re supposed to decorate your backyard with a bunch of cute toys and cushions purchasable from an in-game shop, and entice the neighborhood kitties to come around for a visit!

Once these kitties visit, you can take a picture and even name them, and simply marvel at the adorable animations that take place whenever a cat decides to visit and play!

2. Crossy Road

An easy-to-understand game with an incredibly simple gist, Crossy Road is a game of blocky textures, adorable characters, and a basic yet somewhat grisly objective – you play as one character out of a cast of many (animal, human, mythical creature, etc…), and are supposed to cross as far out into a busy road as possible before a car hits you, or you get washed away in a stream, and die.

Despite the somewhat darker premise, the game is actually incredibly addicting and super fun. Your avatar takes one step with every tap you do on the screen, and swipes can also make your character move either left or right. Coins are scattered throughout the map for you to collect and unlock new characters, and increasingly higher scores will give you a feeling of triumph that will vanquish any boredom you may have had!

3. Good Pizza, Great Pizza

This adorable pizza-making simulator game has you follow the life as the head of a newly opened pizza shop; hoping to make it big in the pizza world while also going neck-and-neck against your local pizza competitor Alicante’s. The visuals of this game are soft and sweet, with every character rendered differently and cutely and the pizzas looking so delicious they may as well pop out of our screens! In the game, you take orders from patrons who come into your pizza shop everyday, and must make each pizza exactly as they ordered it – lest they leave a disgruntled customer!

Overall, the game is super addicting, super fun, and adorably cute; and a must-play and -download for fans of pizza across the world!

There’s Time internet Malaysia of fun mobile games out there just waiting to be downloaded and played, and this list only gives you an example of a few of them!