Organic Fruit Online From The Farmer’s Bag.

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OnGrocer supplies you with local fruit varieties as much as possible. That is why they cooperate with over 20 farms and various organic traders. With one click in the apple, pear or directly from the tree online shop the desired fruit online. OnGrocer also has organic fruits such as pineapples, bananas, avocados and many more, which you can find in OnGrocer online shop. If you want to try something extraordinary, you’ve come to the right place. In order to offer you a diverse selection, you will even find dragon fruits, pomegranates and limes in the farmer’s bag and even more fruit to order online.

Order fruit online – the perfect gift or a great gesture

  • Make your customers or employees happy
  • Vitamins protect the immune system and harden it
  • Fruit always goes down well

Do you want sustainability and quality? Then you are right with OnGrocer

Advantages of ordering fresh fruit online from us in the fruit shop

The farmer’s bag is an organic food delivery service, with fruit from farmers in the region and fresh exotic fruits. If you order the fruit or vegetables via online shipping, you save the time you need for shopping. You can find everything in online fruit shop and do not need to go to different shops as not all types of fruit are available in every shop. The best thing is: OnGrocer are no more expensive than other online vegetable delivery malaysia services where you can buy food online.

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OnGrocer were one of the first and they are still here! With them you get real quality. Regional and organic are not just buzzwords. Feel free to ask us about the origin and processes. There is nothing to hide.

The special thing about this concept: The name says it all! OnGrocer really work with small farmers. You can also see this from the types of fruit that are contained in online fruit boxes: Whether it is the delicious pear, original apple varieties such as the Red Prince or the grapes from the Palatinate – it is focused on sustainability, diversity and transparency. Go through our blog for other cooking tips like this.