Why Use Concrete Admixtures?

Why Use Concrete Admixtures?

Concrete admixtures are products of a natural organic nature such as resins, which aim to change the physical properties of agglomerated materials in a fresh state; The presentation of these admixtures for concrete are usually found in two forms, both powder and liquid, such as emulsions.

Why use additives in concrete?

Additives are materials that are added to concrete during its mixing process and are used to optimize the quality of concrete in certain situations and reduce its costs. There are several characteristics of concrete that can be modified by using additives, since, as technology advances, construction also and new additives for concrete come out that offer unique characteristics to it.

What effects will the admixture have for concrete , both fresh and hardened?

To demonstrate that the products meet the requirements, specific tests must be carried out for each type of additive, in the following circumstances:

  • The first issue of the certificate
  • When a new formulation or type of additive is produced
  • As soon as there is a change in the wording that can significantly affect the performance of the additive
  • As soon as a change occurs in the raw materials that can significantly influence the performance of the additive.

Classification of admixtures for concrete

The products available in the market are numerous and are grouped according to their main function, in correlation with the type of profit to be obtained. Along with this there are almost always one or more secondary functions sometimes specifically required, or minor secondary effects, which of course must be taken into account for choice and use from chemical company

The most important types of additive, and the most used are the following:

  • Diluents (water reducer)
  • Super plasticizers (high efficiency water reducers)
  • To accelerate setting and hardening
  • Accelerators for shotcrete
  • Retardants

Among others normally known but less used, you can remember:

  • Waterproofing
  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • Expansive agents
  • Shrinkage reducers
  • Viscosity modifiers
  • Adhesive (bonding agent)

And yet, among the surface treatments find:

  • Charming
  • Curing compound

All this information about the concrete admixtures  are provided for informational purposes in any case, you should consult the manufacturer of the product to use before use and make forecasts and relevant recommendations for application and use forms.

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